Thursday, 26 November 2015


On the 17th and 18th of September both TY groups went to Carlingford Co. Louth. We were all in school before 9:00 and got on the bus. We were on the bus for over 2 hours some of us slept, talked etc. but most of us were singing songs (shoutout to Sarah Condon who never stopped singing). When we arrived we were split into 2 groups. When our groups were organised and we planned out our day we started with the activities. We were first for water sports. We walked down to the Loch and got changed into wetsuits. We then all hopped into 5 or 6 different canoes and started rowing. When we were far enough away from the land we hopped onto a water float and some of us jumped in (or were pushed in). Then the instructors took us in groups of 6 or 7 onto the water trampoline. It was so hard to balance on it. We jumped on it for a while. My group did more falling then jumping though. It was so much fun. Then we had to try run around the outside which Emma Lee found easy but the rest of us struggled. In the end we just jumped off into the water and swam back to the others. When everyone had their turn on the trampoline we all raced back on the canoes. We then got dried and changed and walked back for lunch. Lunch was chicken strips, sausages and chips. It was so good.

After lunch we put on army suits and headed into a forest for laser tag. Most of the walk to the forest was uphill and we were so tired. It also started to rain so this didn't help. When we finally reached the forest they explained the rules. There was also another school there so we were able to do it with them. Laser tag was my favourite part of the trip because it was so fun. We had to hide and shoot the opposite team. When we were finished we played a different game. We had to try raise the flag. The first team to raise it won.

We then went to dinner which was mash potato and stew. After lunch we went back to our rooms. We took this time to have showers get changed and relax a bit before our night time activity.

We then went on a night walk. We were all blindfolded and had to follow the rope through the forest. It was so annoying when the instructors threw leaves at us or when they tried to scare us because if one of us got scared we all got scared. We finally finished the walk and we walked home.

When we got back we had the rest of the night to ourselves. Most of us went to the Chinese to get dinner. We also brought loads of sweets. After my room were finished eating we went to our room and just had the chats and ate sweets. We fell asleep soon enough because we were up early the next morning.

We woke up to bare necessities playing. We were so tired the next day and it was so hard to get up but we had tea and toast and got ready for the days activities.

We then went to Challenge Island. This was so fun. We got split up into different groups and we had to complete tasks working as a team. It got really stressful sometimes but it was grand in the end. Our instructors then took us to the zip lines. I loved the zip lines they were so good. This was our last activity.

When we were all finished on the zip line we went back to get our bags get on the bus and get lunch before we left. Lunch was chips and chicken strips again but you could get lasagne if you wanted. After we finished lunch we were wrecked.

The bus home was quiet because half of us were asleep and the other half had no energy to do anything. Carlingford was such a good trip and I would definitely go again.

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