Thursday, 14 January 2016

On December 9th we went into town to collect money for holly day. We were based around Grafton Street. We had to get into pairs and we all got given a station. I was with Roisin outside the Olympia Theatre. It was so cold out but we pushed through it. We stayed standing around asking people if they would like to donate money, or in Roisin's case we begged. At around half 1 or 2 we were finished and we could go shopping or get food. We met up with Emma and Aoife and did a bit of shopping:)) Me and Aoife lost the girls and went Mc Donalds!! Then we walked around for a bit until we realised we were late for the bus!! We sprinted back to the bus and finally made it on time.. kind of. It was a good day and I got lots of Christmas shopping done woooo!!

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